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Design of ZigBee based wireless sensor network for early flood monitoring and warning system
This paper is based on the design of ZigBee based wireless sensor network for early flood monitoring and warning system. Expand
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Investigative Study of Secured Data Transfer Mechanismfor Smart Grid Metering System
This paper investigates the development of network coding in NS2 platform for smart grid data logging from the nodal points in the network. Expand
Use of TiO2 and Rice Husk Ash to study the removal of Reactive Yellow Dye as contaminant in water
Abstract The presence of dyes in the water sources is nowadays a well-established issue and has become a matter of both scientific and public concern. Processes such as advanced oxidation processExpand
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Design of Low Power Area Efficient Double Tail Comparator
Comparator is fundamental building blocks in analog-todigital converters. CMOS comparator which has dual input, dual output inverter stage suitable for high speed analog-to-digital such as flashExpand
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Phytochemical analysis and isolation of endophytic bacteria from Bauhinia purpurea
The medicinal value of Bauhinia purpurea is well known in traditional medicine. This study was aimed to analyse the phytochemicals present in the extract prepared using stem, fruit and leaves.Expand
Visibility Restoration by Dehazing in Intelligent Transportation System
Restoration of the images those are corrupted due t o various degradations is one of the critical problems in the field of image processing. Bad weat her conditions such as fog cause degradation ofExpand
Knowledge and Awareness on Complications of Hypertension among General Population
Hypertension is one of the commonworldwide health issues prevailing among adults. It is prolonged elevation in the blood pressure than the normal range. Since it is an asymptotic and non-communicableExpand