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A facile and environmentally benign polyethylene glycol 600-mediated method for the synthesis of densely functionalized 2-aminothiophene derivatives under ultrasonication
ABSTRACT A green and efficient protocol for the synthesis of densely functionalized 2-aminothiophene derivatives is described by the one-pot three-component Gewald reaction from enolizable carbonylExpand
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Metalloboranes from first-principles calculations: A candidate for high-density hydrogen storage
Using first principles calculations, we show the high hydrogen storage capacity of a new class of compounds, metalloboranes. Metalloboranes are transition metal (TM) and borane compounds that obey aExpand
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Optimization of Recombinant Expression of Synthetic Bacterial Phytase in Pichia pastoris Using Response Surface Methodology
Background: Escherichia coli phytase is an acidic histidine phytase with great specific activity. Pichia pastoris is a powerful system for the heterologous expression of active and soluble proteinsExpand
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The effects of acupressure on severity of primary dysmenorrhea
Background Dysmenorrhea constitutes one of the most frequent disorders in women of a fertile age. The objective of this research was to determine the effects of acupressure at Sanyinjiao (SP6) pointExpand
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Diagnostic Accuracy of Frozen Section of Central Nervous System Lesions: A 10-Year Study
Objective Definitive diagnosis of the central nervous system (CNS) lesions is unknown prior to histopathological examination. To determine the method and the endpoint for surgery, intraoperativeExpand
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Selective reduction in glutaminase activity of l‑Asparaginase by asparagine 248 to serine mutation: A combined computational and experimental effort in blood cancer treatment.
Type II l‑asparaginase (l‑ASNase) is an FDA approved enzyme drug with extensive applications for treatment of certain blood cancers. However, the therapeutic efficiency of this enzyme is hampered byExpand
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A reliable method for prediction of enthalpy of fusion in energetic materials using their molecular structures
Abstract A new method is introduced to predict the enthalpy of fusion of energetic materials, which can undergo very rapid and highly exothermic reactions. It can be applied for different classes ofExpand
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Surface-Active Properties of Solvent-Extracted Panax ginseng Saponin-Based Surfactants
In this study, saponins were extracted from Panax ginseng root powder. The crude solvent-extracted saponins containing triterpenoid glycosides and terpenes that were identified by TLC techniques. TheExpand
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Two novel correlations for assessment of crystal density of hazardous ionic molecular energetic materials using their molecular structures
Abstract This paper introduces two novel simple correlations to assess crystal density of ionic molecular energetic materials as a new class of hazardous high energy density materials. The first oneExpand
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Waveguide power dividers using multiple posts
A new rectangular waveguide power divider using multi- ple posts is described in this paper. The waveguide power divider is easy to fabricate and is particularly suitable for substrate-integratedExpand
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