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Effect of increasing root‐zone temperature on growth and nutrient uptake by ‘gold star’ muskmelon plants 1
Abstract Growth response of plants to root‐zone temperature (RZT) varies with species. We studied the effects of RZT on muskmelons (Cucumis melo L. ‘Gold Star') held continuously at 25°, 30°, 35°,Expand
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Two leguminous tree species differ in growth and ion uptake in Hoagland solution: Phosphorus toxicity in Amur Maackia 1
Abstract Hydroponic culture of tree seedlings is used commonly to study root biology; however, we have found that two species of woody legumes differ in their responses to this practice. Seedlings ofExpand
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Complications occurring resultant to dens invaginatus: case report.
This case report describes the anomalous development of maxillary permanent lateral incisors in a seven-year-old white male. The maxillary right permanent lateral incisor radiographicallyExpand
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Nitrate uptake kinetics for rooted cuttings of Acer rubrum L.
Red maple (Acer rubrumL.) occurs in a broad spectrum of both woodland and managed landscapes in much of eastern North America. Earlier work has indicated considerable plasticity within the species inExpand
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The Quest for the Hardy Cedar-of-Lebanon
has not only been richly documented in science but also widely exploited for horticultural use. Individual plants have often been selected from wild populations for their deviations in growth habit,Expand
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Success varies when using subirrigation instead of mist to root softwood cuttings of woody taxa
Abstract A subirrigation method for rooting softwood cuttings of seven woody taxa was compared to use of intermittent mist. Both methods resulted in >90% rooting of ‘Goldflame’ spirea (Spiraea x bu...
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Seeking Cold-Hardy Camellias
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Deep Ultraviolet Luminescence Due to Extreme Confinement in Monolayer GaN/Al(Ga)N Nanowire and Planar Heterostructures.
We present experimental results confirming extreme quantum confinement in GaN/AlxGa1-xN (x = 0.65 and 1.0) nanowire and planar heterostructures, where the GaN layer thickness is of the order of aExpand
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