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Immunosenescence and Its Hallmarks: How to Oppose Aging Strategically? A Review of Potential Options for Therapeutic Intervention
The role of nutrition and of immunomodulation in immunosenescence is discussed, due to the multifactorial influence on these hallmarks, and the inclusion of appropriate combinations of toll-like receptor agonists may enhance the efficacy of vaccination in older adults. Expand
Steroids from sponges: Recent reports
Autoimmune diseases and 8.1 ancestral haplotype: An update
Progress and advances in the field of genome‐wide‐association studies have revolutionized the capacity to perform large, economically feasible, and statistically robust analyses of HLA within 8.1 ancestral haplotype, and understand its contribute to autoimmune events. Expand
Novel bioactive bromopyrrole alkaloids from the Mediterranean sponge Axinella verrucosa.
Four novel alkaloids of this class, compounds 1-4, have been isolated, and their structures established through spectroscopic methods and were found to display neuroprotective activity against the agonists serotonin and glutamate in vitro. Expand
HLA and killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIRs) genotyping in patients with acute ischemic stroke
Findings of a higher frequency of activating KIR genes seem to be consistent with findings previously reported patients with coronary syndrome, which could also explain the immunoinflammatory activation of the acute phase of stroke. Expand
Antitumor effects of two novel naturally occurring terpene quinones isolated from the Mediterranean ascidian Aplidium conicum.
Thiaplidiaquinones A and B can enter into the cells and induce cell death by apoptosis and it is shown that both compounds induce a strong production of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) in this cell line. Expand
Mediterranean nutraceutical foods: Strategy to improve vascular ageing
The causes of vascular ageing and the effects of nutraceuticals and molecular biology represent new insights in this field and could offer new possible targets for potential therapeutic interventions. Expand
Brominaed β-carbolines from the marine hydroid aglaophenia pluma linnaeus
Abstract Three new brotminated β-carbolines (1–3) have been isolated from the lipophylic extract of the marine hydroid Aglaophenia pluma Linnaeus and their structures determined on the basis ofExpand
Mumijo Traditional Medicine: Fossil Deposits from Antarctica (Chemical Composition and Beneficial Bioactivity)
In vitro experiments showed that the Mumijo extract caused in cortical neurons a strong neuroprotective effect against the apoptosis-inducing amyloid peptide fragment β-fragment 25–35 (Aβ25–35). Expand