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Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools
1 Introduction 1.1 Language Processors 1.2 The Structure of a Compiler 1.3 The Evolution of Programming Languages 1.4 The Science of Building a Compiler 1.5 Applications of Compiler Technology 1.6Expand
The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
From the Publisher: With this text, you gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of algorithms, the very heart of computer science. It introduces the basic data structures and programmingExpand
Efficient string matching: an aid to bibliographic search
This paper describes a simple, efficient algorithm to locate all occurrences of any of a finite number of keywords in a string of text using a finite state pattern matching machine. Expand
The Theory of Parsing, Translation, and Compiling
From volume 1 Preface (See Front Matter for full Preface) This book is intended for a one or two semester course in compiling theory at the senior or graduate level. Expand
Data Structures and Algorithms
From the Publisher: This book presents the data structures and algorithms that underpin much of today's computer programming. The basis of this book is the material contained in the first sixExpand
Inferring a Tree from Lowest Common Ancestors with an Application to the Optimization of Relational Expressions
We present an algorithm for constructing a tree to satisfy a set of lineage constraints on common ancestors. Expand
The Transitive Reduction of a Directed Graph
We consider economical representations for the path information in a directed graph. Expand
Algorithms for Finding Patterns in Strings
  • A. Aho
  • Computer Science
  • Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science, Volume…
  • 2 January 1991
String pattern matching is an important problem that occurs in many areas of science and information processing. Expand
Do Crosscutting Concerns Cause Defects?
There is a growing consensus that crosscutting concerns harm code quality. An example of a crosscutting concern is a functional requirement whose implementation is distributed across multipleExpand