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Two new peltogynoids from Acacia nilotica Delile with kinase inhibitory activity.
Two new peltogynoids, acanilol (1) and acanilol B (2), were isolated from the stem bark of Acacia nilotica (L.) Delile, together with the known triterpene lupenone. The structures of the newExpand
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Preliminary phytochemical and antimicrobial screening of the leaves of Byrsocarpus coccineus Schum & Thonn (Connaraceae)
The leaf extracts of Byrsocarpus coccineus was evaluated for antimicrobial activity using agar diffusion assay. The results of the antimicrobial screening showed that the ethyl acetate fraction atExpand
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Anti-diarrheal activity of the leaf extracts of Daniellia oliveri Hutch and Dalz (Fabaceae) and Ficus sycomorus Miq (Moraceae).
The leaves of the plants Daniellia oliveri (Fabaceae) and Ficus sycomorus (Moraceae) used in diarrhea treatment in Hausa ethnomedicine of Northern Nigeria were investigated. The study was carried outExpand
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Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of Asparagus africanus root extract.
The methanolic extract of the roots of Asparagus africanus Lam (Liliaceae) which contains mainly saponins and carbohydrate showed significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities (P<0.05) inExpand
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Phytochemical and antimicrobial effects of Chrozophora senegalensis.
The in vitro antimicrobial activities of the whole plant extract (ethanolic-CEE) of Chrozophora senegalensis and its fractions (ethyl acetate-EAA, n-butanol-NBE, aqueous-AQE) were assayed using theExpand
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Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Nociceptive Activities of Stem-Bark Extracts and Fractions of Carpolobia Lutea (Polygalaceae)
Background: In Niger Delta, ethnomedicine hydroalcoholic extract of Carpolobia lutea (CL) (Polygalaceae) is used to relieve inflammatory pains. Objectives: The purpose of this study is to evaluateExpand
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Flavonoid glycosides from Byrsocarpus coccineus leaves. Schum and Thonn (Connaraceae).
The bioactive ethyl acetate and N-butanol soluble parts of an ethanolic extract of Byrsocarpus coccineus leaves was subjected to column chromatography over silica gel G (60-120 microns) and repeatedExpand
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Tetrahydroxy Flavone from Acacia auriculiformis A. Cunn Ex Benth. (Fabaceae) with Novel Kinase Activity
Background: The decoctions of the bark of Acacia auriculiformis are used in folkloric medicine to relieve pain and inflammation and as remedy for cancer. Objective: The aim of this work is to screenExpand
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Phytochemical, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the ethylacetate extract of the leaves of Pseudocedrella kotschyii.
Phytochemical screening was carried out on the ethylacetate portion of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of Pseudocedrella kotschyii and then evaluated for its analgesic (acetic acid-inducedExpand
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Phytochemical and antimicrobial activities of the Daniellia oliveri leaves.
The n-butanol soluble part and four chromatographic fractions of the aqueous ethanolic extract of the leaves of Daniellia oliveri were investigated for antimicrobial properties. All fractions showedExpand
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