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Non-Fickian dispersivity investigation from numerical simulations of tracer transport in a model double-porosity medium at different saturations.
It is generally admitted that dispersivity is an indicator of the heterogeneity scale of porous media. This parameter is assumed to be an intrinsic property which characterizes the dispersiveExpand
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Gravity and rotation drag the magnetic field in high-mass star formation.
The formation of hot stars out of the cold interstellar medium lies at the heart of astrophysical research. Understanding the importance of magnetic fields during star formation remains a majorExpand
Multiwavelength modelling of the circumstellar environment of the massive protostar AFGL 2591 VLA 3
We have studied the dust density, temperature and velocity distributions of the archetypal massive young stellar object (MYSO) AFGL 2591. Given its high luminosity ($L=2 \times 10^5$ L$_\odot$) andExpand