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Women's Studies: Are We "Broad" Enough
The authors consider the “naming debate” in Women’s Studies and the implications of the current tendency to broaden the scope of Women’s Studies by including terms such as “gender” or “feminist” inExpand
Feminist Activists Confronting Backlash
Cet article lance un défi aux privilégiées du post-féminisme et plaide pour un militantisme collectiviste, féministe et critique. Les auteures examinent trois organismes féministes connus pour leurExpand
Transgressive Horror and Politics: The Splatterpunks and Extreme Horror
Transgressive horror shatters cultural norms with prolonged representations of desecration, agony, and abjection. Such fictions, along with their authors and fans, are often accused of deviance, ifExpand
Bordering on fear : a comparative literary study of horror fiction
The emerging academic field of horror studies that has been mapped out by die work of cultural studies, film and feminist theorists tends to emphasize horror films while neglecting all but a handfulExpand
Outside In: A Political Memoir