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Academic Storytelling: A Critical Race Theory Story of Affirmative Action
The minority (nonwhite) can tell stories about institutional practices in academia that result in unintended benefits for the majority (white). One institutional practice in academia is affirmativeExpand
Leadership Practices and Diversity in Higher Education: Transitional and Transformational Frameworks
Executive Summary Diversity has deep roots in American society and a tenacious hold on its social fabric. Institutions of higher education have not been very responsive to the issues raised byExpand
Diversity as interest-convergence in academia: a critical race theory story
This paper presents a critical race theory story regarding diversity and affirmative action in academia. The story's purpose is to raise issues regarding the treatment of diversity as a commodity inExpand
The cultural production of Mexican identity in the United States: an examination of the Mexican threat narrative
This paper examines how the cultural production of Mexican identity in the US media processes a Mexican threat narrative in the American public's mind. Racial profiling procedures utilized by the USExpand
Spaces of Mobilization: The Asian American/Pacific Islander Struggle for Social Justice
ASIAN AND PACIFIC ISLANDERS HAVE BEEN POLITICALLY CONSTRUCTED AS AN ALIEN presence or as "forever foreigners" in U.S. culture (Lowe, 1996; Tuan, 2003; Lee, 1999). For millions of Asian and PacificExpand
Majority and minority faculty perceptions in academe
This paper examines majority (white) and minority faculty perceptions in academe. It focuses on two general areas of institutional activity: employment and workplace issues, and minority affairs. TheExpand