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Review and update of the main features of the Los Humeros geothermal field, Mexico
Los Humeros is one of the four geothermal fields currently producing electricity in Mexico. This paper presents a review on the main geologic, geochemical and production characteristics of the fieldExpand
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High-resolution photoelectron spectra of the pyrimidine-type nucleobases.
High-resolution photoelectron spectra of the gas phase pyrimidine-type nucleobases, thymine, uracil, and cytosine, were collected using synchrotron radiation over the photon energy range 17 ≤ hν ≤Expand
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Absolute photoionization cross sections for Xe^4^+, Xe^5^+, and Xe^6^+ near 13.5 nm: Experiment and theory (10 pages)
Absolute photoionization cross-section measurements for a mixture of ground and metastable states of Xe4+, Xe5+, and Xe6+ are reported in the photon energy range of 4d→nf transitions, which occurExpand
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Comparación de metodologías de análisis de declinación de la productividad en pozos
Se presentan aplicaciones y resultados de dos de los diversos metodos existentes para el analisis de declinacion de la produccion: a) metodo grafico de ajuste por medio de curvas-tipo y b) metodo deExpand
Evolución isotópica de fluidos de pozos del campo geotérmico de Los Azufres, Michoacán, México
Se interpretaron datos isotopicos (δ18O y δD) de fluidos de pozos productores y de reinyeccion del campo geotermico de Los Azufres, Michoacan, Mexico, para definir la evolucion del yacimiento y laExpand
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Analysis about low performance in some zones of Los Humeros, México, geothermal field
Los Humeros Mexican geothermal field is a high enthalpy production field. However it has undergone a drastic change in productive characteristics between the north and central zone with respect toExpand
Beyond band termination in 157 Er and the search for wobbling excitations in strongly deformed 174 Hf
High-spin terminating bands in heavy nuclei were first identified in nuclei around Er90. While examples of special terminating states have been identified in a number of erbium isotopes, almostExpand
Análisis de datos de producción y condiciones termodinámicas del fluido de alimentación de pozos de Los Humeros, Pue
Se realizo un analisis de los datos de produccion de 22 pozos del campo geotermico de Los Humeros, Pue., Mexico, con objeto de estimar las condiciones termodinamicas (presion y entalpia) de susExpand
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Reaction of Hydrothermally Altered Volcanic Rocks in Acid Solutions
Rock matrix stimulation has been used to clean, to recover and to enhance well productivity in oil systems. Recently, for the same purposes this methodology began to be applied in geothermal systems.Expand