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Flood regime, dam regulation and fish in the Upper Paraná River: effects on assemblage attributes, reproduction and recruitment
The flood regime is the most important force determining seasonality in neotropical rivers. In the Upper Paran River floodplain, it is the primary factor influencing biological processes. The aim ofExpand
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Conservation of the Biodiversity of Brazil's Inland Waters
In terms of biodiversity, Brazilian inland waters are of enormous global significance for Algae (25% of the world's species), Porifera (Demospongiae, 33%), Rotifera (25%), Cladocera (Branchiopoda,Expand
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Fish diversity in the upper Paraná River basin: habitats, fisheries, management and conservation
The Paraná River is the second longest river in South America and the tenth largest river in the world in water discharge. The upper stretches are characterized by high human occupation and intenseExpand
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Threats for biodiversity in the floodplain of the Upper Parana River: effects of hydrological regulation by dams
AGOSTINHO, Angelo Antonio; THOMAZ, Sidinei Magela; GOMES, Luiz Carlos. Threats for biodiversity in the floodplain of the Upper Parana River: effects of hydrological regulation by dams. InternationalExpand
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Plasticidade trófica em peixes de água doce
A synthesis on the feeding flexibility in freshwater teleosts concerning seasonal, spatial, ontogenetic, individual and behavioral variation of freshwater teleosts is provided. The occurrence of aExpand
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Brazilian wetlands: their definition, delineation, and classification for research, sustainable management, and protection
Although 20% of Brazilian territory is covered by wetlands, wetland inventories are still incomplete. In 1993, Brazil signed the Ramsar Convention but a coherent national policy for the sustainableExpand
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Fish fauna destruction after the introduction of a non-native predator (Cichla kelberi) in a Neotropical reservoir
In South America, the introduction of peacock-bass (Cichla), a voracious predator fish, has been an underestimated threat for native fish communities. Although this predator is widespread in manyExpand
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Fish assemblages in Neotropical reservoirs: Colonization patterns, impacts and management
Abstract Brazil has more than 700 large reservoirs distributed in all of the major river basins of South America. Most dams were constructed to produce electricity. Although these reservoirs favorExpand
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