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Study on Biosurfactant Production by Two Bacillus Species
Investigation of the ability of Bacillus sphaericus EN3 and Bacillus azotoformans EN16 to produce large quantities of biosurfactants and determine a suitable substrate for its production revealed that the surfactants produced by both organisms were principally phospholipids. Expand
Process intensification technologies for CO2 capture and conversion – a review
With the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere increasing beyond sustainable limits, much research is currently focused on developing solutions to mitigate this problem. Possible strategies involveExpand
Source Identification of Heavy Metals in Particulate Matter (PM 10 ) in a Malaysian Traffic Area Using Multivariate Techniques
This study was conducted to determine heavy metal concentrations in particulate matter (pM10) and the source identification in the areas affected by traffic during the southwest monsoon from June toExpand
Development of an Automatic Tomato Sorting Machine Based on Color Sensor
As tomatoes plays vital role in our day to day life, sorting of tomatoes is necessary in evaluating agricultural produce, meeting quality standards and increasing market value. Human power inExpand
Isolation of Biosurfactant Producing Bacteria from Tannery Effluents in Sokoto Metropolis , Nigeria
Tannery effluents provide an environment for growth of different types of microorganisms. Possibility of occurrence of biosurfactant producers in such effluents collected from local tanneries wasExpand
Synthesis Studies of Cu-TiO 2 for Photocatalytic CO 2 Reduction
Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to chemicals is a promising sustainable method to fight global warming using renewable energy. This process uses a photocatalyst activated by light to drive theExpand
Ginger Essential Oils-Loaded Nanoemulsions: Potential Strategy to Manage Bacterial Leaf Blight Disease and Enhanced Rice Yield
The results indicated that ginger essential oils loaded-nanoemulsions are a promising alternative to synthetic antibiotics in suppressing Xoo growth, regulating the BLB disease, and enhancing rice yield under a glasshouse trial. Expand
Process Intensification of CO 2 Photocatalytic Reduction
The development of photocatalysts that harness the visible range of irradiant solar energy and design of efficient photoreactors remain the biggest challenges of CO2 photoreduction processes.Expand