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Coastal Vegetation Zonation and Dune Morphology in Some Mediterranean Ecosystems
RIASSUNTO La ricerca riguarda alcuni ecosistemi sabbiosi delle coste del Mediterraneo per i quali e stata analizzata la zonazione vegetazionale in relazione alla morfologia delle dune, attraversoExpand
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The presence, nature and effects of job stress on physical and psychological health at a large Australian university
Examines how data on job stress, health, anxiety and daily hassle were collected via survey questionnaires from 1,925 staff at Monash University campuses. The sample included academic, general,Expand
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Are there habitats that contribute best to plant species diversity in coastal dunes?
The following paper describes patterns of diversity across major habitat types in a relatively well preserved coastal dune system in central Italy. The research addresses the following questions: (a)Expand
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Assessing conservation status on coastal dunes: a multiscale approach.
Coastal dune systems are particularly fragile and threatened environments, which, however, provide fundamental ecosystem services to nearby urban areas acting for example as protective buffersExpand
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Environmental Factors Influencing Coastal Vegetation Pattern: New Insights from the Mediterranean Basin
Coastal dune ecosystems show strongly dynamic interactions between abiotic and biotic factors. The relationship between plant communities and environmental factors has been previously studied inExpand
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Community structure in montane grasslands of central Argentina in relation to land use
. We compared the responses of natural montane grasslands in central Argentina to two land-use patterns: cultivation - high intensity, low frequency, and short history of disturbance - and livestockExpand
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European Red List of Habitats : Part 2. Terrestrial and freshwater habitats
The first ever European Red List of Habitats reviews the current status of all natural and semi-natural terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats and highlights the pressures they face. Using aExpand
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What has happened to coastal dunes in the last half century? A multitemporal coastal landscape analysis in Central Italy
Abstract The current degradation of the Mediterranean coastal landscape highlights the necessity of, performing long term multitemporal analysis to guide land managers seeking to improve coastal,Expand
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Morphological analysis of herbaceous communities under different grazing regimes
A methodology for the morphological analysis of herbaceous communities is presented, together with an exam- ple of its application in montane grasslands in the province of C6rdoba (Argentina) subjectExpand
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Combining land cover mapping of coastal dunes with vegetation analysis
Abstract Question: Coastal dune systems are characterized by a natural mosaic that promotes species diversity. This heterogeneity often represents a severe problem for traditional mapping or groundExpand
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