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Perturbation Theory. (Book Reviews: Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics)
Abrikosov, Gorkov, Dzyaloshinski, Methods of quantum field theory in statistical physics Fetter, Walecka, Quantum theory of many-particle systems T. Schaefer, Quark Matter, hep-ph/0304281. J. Kogut,Expand
Geometric Dequantization
Dequantization is a set of rules which turn quantum mechanics (QM) into classical mechanics (CM). It is not the WKB limit of QM. In this paper we show that, by extending time to a 3-dimensional "Expand
We solve for the spectrum and eigenfunctions of Dirac operator on the sphere. The igenvalues are nonzero whole numbers. The eigenfunctions are two-component spinors which may be classified byExpand
Dirac operator on the Riemann sphere
We solve for spectrum, obtain explicitly and study group properties of eigenfunctions of Dirac operator on the Riemann sphere $S^2$. The eigenvalues $\lambda$ are nonzero integers. The eigenfunctionsExpand
Path integral in constrained classical mechanics
Abstract The method of path integration in classical mechanics is extended to constrained motion and generalized Hamiltonian systems. It is shown that constraints lead to replacement of PoissonExpand
Connection between the real-time technique in thermofield dynamics and the Matsubara approach in quantum statistical physics
In the calculation of thermodynamic quantities by quantum-field methods the Matsubara integration contour can be deformed in the complex-time plane. The admissible deformations are limited by theExpand
Quantization and time
Abstract Starting from a functional formulation of classical mechanics, we show how to perform its quantization by freezing to zero two Grassmannian partners of time.