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Cdc42 regulates anchorage-independent growth and is necessary for Ras transformation.
The Rho family members Cdc42, Rac, and Rho play a central role in the organization of the actin cytoskeleton and regulate transcription. Whereas Rac and Rho have been implicated in transformation byExpand
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p21-Activated Kinase 1 Plays a Critical Role in Cellular Activation by Nef
ABSTRACT The activation of Nef-associated kinase (NAK) by Nef from human and simian immunodeficiency viruses is critical for efficient viral replication and pathogenesis. This induction occurs viaExpand
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Mapping the Zap-70 phosphorylation sites on LAT (linker for activation of T cells) required for recruitment and activation of signalling proteins in T cells.
T-cell-receptor (TCR)-mediated LAT (linker for activation of T cells) phosphorylation is critical for the membrane recruitment of signalling complexes required for T-cell activation. AlthoughExpand
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Reconstitution of neutrophil NADPH oxidase activity in the cell-free system by four components: p67-phox, p47-phox, p21rac1, and cytochrome b-245.
Activation of the NADPH oxidase of phagocytes in the cell-free system requires the association of several cytosolic components with membrane-bound cytochrome b. In this study we were able to fullyExpand
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R-Spondin Proteins: A Novel Link to β-catenin Activation
The RSpondin (Rspo) protein family is a recently described group of 4 distinct human secreted proteins. Reported activities for RSpo proteins include essential roles in vertebrate development andExpand
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PAK4 is activated via PI3K in HGF-stimulated epithelial cells
The p21-activated kinases (PAKs) are divided into two subgroups based on sequence homology. Group 1 PAKs (PAK1-3) are involved in cell migration, and are activated by pro-migratory stimuli and byExpand
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Activation of NADPH oxidase involves the dissociation of p21rac from its inhibitory GDP/GTP exchange protein (rhoGDI) followed by its translocation to the plasma membrane.
Activation of the NADPH oxidase of phagocytes involves the small GTP-binding protein p21rac. In this paper we report that neutrophil cytosol contains predominantly p21rac2 rather than p21rac1, andExpand
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Low NADPH oxidase activity in Epstein-Barr-virus-immortalized B-lymphocytes is due to a post-transcriptional block in expression of cytochrome b558.
The NADPH oxidase of phagocytes is known to be expressed in Epstein-Barr-virus-transformed B-lymphocytes, albeit at levels only approx. 5% of those found in neutrophils. We have investigated theExpand
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R‐spondin1 synergizes with Wnt3A in inducing osteoblast differentiation and osteoprotegerin expression
R‐spondins are a new group of Wnt/β‐catenin signaling agonists, however, the role of these proteins in bone remains unclear. We reported herein that R‐sponin1 (Rspo1) acted synergistically with Wnt3AExpand
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R-spondin 1 protects against inflammatory bone damage during murine arthritis by modulating the Wnt pathway.
OBJECTIVE During the course of different musculoskeletal diseases, joints are progressively damaged by inflammatory, infectious, or mechanical stressors, leading to joint destruction and disability.Expand
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