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Thin-film solar cells
Abstract The rapid progress that is being made with inorganic thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technologies, both in the laboratory and in industry, is reviewed. While amorphous silicon based PV modulesExpand
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Carrier recombination at silicon–silicon nitride interfaces fabricated by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Using the light-biased microwave-detected photoconductance decay method, injection level dependent measurements of the effective surface recombination velocity Seff at silicon surfaces passivated byExpand
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Spatially resolved analysis and minimization of resistive losses in high-efficiency Si solar cells
This paper presents an improved method for measuring the total lumped series resistance (Rs) of high-efficiency solar cells. Since this method greatly minimizes the influence of non-linearExpand
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A new method for accurate measurements of the lumped series resistance of solar cells
Measurements of the series resistance R/sub S/ are important for the localisation of dominant loss mechanisms in photovoltaic devices. The new measurement technique presented in this work uses theExpand
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Potential-induced degradation in photovoltaic modules: a critical review
Potential-induced degradation (PID) has received considerable attention in recent years due to its detrimental impact on photovoltaic (PV) module performance under field conditions. Both crystallineExpand
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Optimal Orientation and Tilt Angle for Maximizing in-Plane Solar Irradiation for PV Applications in Singapore
The performance of photovoltaic (PV) modules and systems is affected by the orientation and tilt angle, as these parameters determine the amount of solar radiation received by the surface of a PVExpand
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A comparative life-cycle assessment of photovoltaic electricity generation in Singapore by multicrystalline silicon technologies
Abstract This paper presents a comparative life-cycle assessment of photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation in Singapore by various p-type multicrystalline silicon (multi-Si) PV technologies. WeExpand
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Progress in Surface Passivation of Heavily Doped n-Type and p-Type Silicon by Plasma-Deposited AlO $_{\bm x}$/SiN$_{\bm x}$ Dielectric Stacks
We report an outstanding level of surface passivation for both n<sup>+</sup> and p<sup>+</sup> silicon by AlO<sub>x</sub>/SiN<sub>x</sub> dielectric stacks deposited in an inline plasma-enhancedExpand
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Singapore Modules - Optimised PV Modules for the Tropics
Abstract The sunbelt regions of the globe on either side of the equator represent a vast potential for the generation of photovoltaic (PV) electricity. However, PV modules deployed in tropicalExpand
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