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Coding task performance in early adolescence: a large-scale controlled study into boy-girl differences
The findings imply that after age 13, efficiency of information processing is still developing and that girls outperform boys in this respect, and that cognitive performance is relatively independent from school performance.
Sorting Test, Tower Test, and BRIEF-SR do not predict school performance of healthy adolescents in preuniversity education
The findings indicate that executive functioning as measured with widely used instruments such as the BRIEF-SR does not predict school performance of adolescents in preuniversity education any better than a student's grade, sex, and level of parental education.
An evaluation of the use of a website and telephonic information service as public education about forgetfulness.
Overall, the Memory Website and the Memory Phone are two different types of evidence-based telehealth interventions, which are relevant for different populations, and are useful in informing the older population about forgetfulness and aging.
Educational Action Research journal reviewers 2013–2014
Marit Aas Aukje Aben Irma Ahmad Carla Amaro-Jiménez Gary Anderson Jane Applegate J. Myron Atkin Ruth Balogh Sontaya Bamroong Kory Bennett Robyn Benson Lorraine Beveridge Erik Blair Sara Bragg Mary
Leraren en hun professionele ruimte (Empowerment in a Teachers’ Learning Environment)
korte omschrijving van het onderzoeksprogramma Het is een breed gedragen idee in het publieke debat dat leraren meer professionele ruimte zouden moeten krijgen. Professionele ruimte heeft betrekking
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Marit Aas Aukje Aben Mary Agnello Irma Ahmad Noeline Alcorn Carloa Amaro-Jiménez Jane Applegate Vishalache Balakrishnan Sontaya Bamroong Zubeda Bana Ann-Marie Bathmaker Kory Bennett Robyn Benson