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A new biclustering technique based on crossing minimization
Abstract Clustering only the records in a database (or data matrix) gives a global view of the data. For a detailed analysis or a local view, biclustering or co-clustering is required, involving theExpand
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Analysis of mealybug incidence on the cotton crop using ADSS-OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tool
Traditionally the agriculture expert's knowledge is descriptive and experimental, therefore, it is difficult to describe it mathematically and subsequently build agriculture Decision Support SystemsExpand
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An Analysis of Bt Cotton Cultivation in Punjab, Pakistan Using the Agriculture Decision Support System (ADSS)
Although commercial cultivation of Bt cotton was not officially allowed in Pakistan until very recently, the area under Bt cultivation has increased every year, and during the 2009/2010 cotton seasonExpand
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Learning Dynamics of Pesticide Abuse through Data Mining
Recent studies by agriculture researchers in Pakistan have shown that attempts of crop yield maximization through pro-pesticide state policies have led to a dangerously high pesticide usage. TheseExpand
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Pedagogical Agents to Support Embodied, Discovery-Based Learning
This paper presents a pedagogical agent designed to support students in an embodied, discovery-based learning environment. Discovery-based learning guides students through a set of activitiesExpand
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Digital Divide and Caste in Rural Pakistan
This study examined how caste influences adoption of information and communication technologies. It entailed a survey of 2750 farmers, who were interviewed in person, in rural Punjab (Pakistan), andExpand
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Data Mining a New Pilot Agriculture Extension Data Warehouse
Pakistan is the world’s fifth largest cotton producer. To monitor cotton growth, different government departments and agencies in Pakistan have been recording pest scouting, agriculture andExpand
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Data mining using the crossing minimization paradigm
Our ability and capacity to generate, record and store multi-dimensional, apparently unstructured data is increasing rapidly, while the cost of data storage is going down. The data recorded is notExpand
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The Case for an Agri Data Warehouse: Enabling Analytical Exploration of Integrated Agricultural Data
First step towards understanding any agricultural system is the comprehension of relationships between the system and numerous physical, chemical and biological factors influencing it. Any decisionExpand
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Biclustering Gene Expression Data in the Presence of Noise
Production of gene expression chip involves a large number of error-prone steps that lead to a high level of noise in the corresponding data. Given the variety of available biclustering algorithms,Expand
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