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The System of Professions: An Essay on the Division of Expert Labor
Through comparative and historical study of the professions in nineteenth- and twentieth-century England, France, and America, Andrew Abbott builds a general theory of how and why professionals evolve.
Sequence analysis: new methods for old ideas
A wide variety of work in social science concerns sequences of events or phenomena. This essay reviews concepts of sequence and methods for analyzing sequences. After a brief definitional discussion,
Time Matters: On Theory and Method
This text focuses particularly on questions of time, events and causality as well as on straightforward examinations of social scientific analysis.
Linked Ecologies: States and Universities as Environments for Professions*
In this article I generalize ecological theory by developing the notion of separate but linked ecologies. I characterize an ecology by its set of actors, its set of locations, and the relation it
A Primer on Sequence Methods
This paper considers the technical problem of analyzing sequences of social events, including organizational life cycles, patterns of innovation development, and career tracks of individuals, and considers methods for unique event sequences, proposing the use of multidimensional scaling and illustrating it with an analysis of data on medical organizations.
Measuring Resemblance in Sequence Data: An Optimal Matching Analysis of Musicians' Careers
This article introduces a method that measures resemblance between sequences using a simple metric based on the insertions, deletions, and substitutions required to transform one sequence into
Methods of Discovery: Heuristics for the Social Sciences
The basic aim of Methods of Discovery is to offer readers a new way of thinking about directions for their research and new ways to imagine information relevant to their research problems.
Things of Boundaries
L'A. affirme qu'il n'existe pas de frontieres preexistant entre les entites du monde social. Il estime, au contraire que ce sont ces fontieres qui creent les objets. Il tente de montrer que les
Status and Status Strain in the Professions
  • A. Abbott
  • Education
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 1 January 1981
Professionals and nonprofessionals assign different status to the subspecialities of the various professions. This follows from their different bases for prestige assignment. Intraprofessional status
Sequence Analysis and Optimal Matching Methods in Sociology
The authors review all known studies applying optimal matching or alignment (OM) techniques to social science sequence data. Issues of data, coding, temporality, cost setting/algorithm design, and