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New Turtle Remains from the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene of Volgograd Region, Russia
Fragmentary remains of Cryptodira incertae sedis sp. 1 (dentary, scapular fragments, and neural; Rasstrigin 1, Maastrichtian), Cryptodira incertae sedis sp. 2 (fused epiplastra with two pairs of
Some Turtle Remains from the Cretaceous and Paleogene of Volgograd Region, Russia
Fragmental remains of a chelosphargine Teguliscapha (?) sp. (Cenomanian), large sized Chelonioidea indet. (possibly protostegid) (Campanian), cheloniid Osteopyginae indet., as well as Trionychidae
Itilochelys rasstrigin gen. et sp. nov, a new hard-shelled sea turtle (Cheloniidae sensu lato) from the Lower Paleocene of Volgograd Province, Russia
A new hard-shelled sea turtle is established based on a partial skull, two lower jaws, a humeral bone and cervical vertebrae I–III from the Lower Paleocene of Volgograd Province, Russia and represents the most complete finding of these turtles in Russia.
New finds of hesperornithids in the European Russia, with comments on the systematics of Eurasian Hesperornithidae
The validity of Hesperornis rossicus is adhered to and doubt of the assignment to this species of Swedish materials is doubt, but the systematics of Eurasian hesperornithiforms are discussed.
A New Giant Species of Edaphodon (Holocephali: Edaphodontidae) from the Beryozovaya Beds (Lower Paleocene) of the Volgograd Volga Region
A new species of giant chimaeroi Edaphodon eolucifer sp. nov. (family Edaphodontidae) from the basal horizon of the Beryozovaya Beds (Lower Paleocene, Danian) is described based on the lower jaw
First Record of the Late Cretaceous Durophagous Mosasaur Carinodens belgicus (Squamata, Mosasauridae) from Volgogradskaya Oblast’ (Russia) and Crimea (Ukraine)
Two new late Maastrichtian (Cretaceous) occurrences of the highly specialized, durophagous mosasaur Carinodens are recorded, one from Russia (Volgograd Region), the other from Crimea (Ukraine). Its
The First Record of a Pteranodontid (Pterosauria, Pteranodontidae) from the Late Cretaceous of the Lower Volga Region
Abstract An ulna fragment of a pterosaur Pteranodontidae indet. is described from the locality Polunino 2 in Volgograd Oblast (Late Cretaceous, Campanian). This is the first record of Pteranodontidae