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Thermospheric structure: Correlation of mass spectrometry and incoherent-scatter sounding
Results from a day-night pair of rocket flights launched in France in February 1969 to measure neutral composition between 100 and 400 km are analyzed and are compared with data on neutralExpand
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Seasonal and latitudinal variations of turbulence in the lower thermosphere
Abstract The results of author's earlier works on turbopause heights are reexamined. Two different approaches to analysing the [Arr]/[N2] mass-spectrometer measurements are described. The resultsExpand
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Relative ion composition variation over the dip equator—a comparison of measurements with IRI
Abstract Four ion composition measurements carried out over Thumba, an equatorial station during 1978–1982 in the early morning hours (χ = 70° to 90°) are compared with the appropriate model (IRI,Expand
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Variability of turbopause height at midlatitudes
Atomic nitrogen in the upper atmosphere of the polar region.