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Influence of a dynamical gluon mass in the pp and pp forward scattering
We compute the tree level cross section for gluon-gluon elastic scattering taking into account a dynamical gluon mass, and show that this mass scale is a natural regulator for this subprocess crossExpand
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QCD effective charge and the structure function F-2 at small-x
Abstract We study infrared contributions to the QCD description of the HERA data on the structure function F 2 within the generalized DAS approximation. We argue that this approximation is a naturalExpand
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Relating a gluon mass scale to an infrared fixed point in pure gauge QCD.
We show that in pure gauge QCD (or any pure non-Abelian gauge theory) the condition for the existence of a global minimum of energy with a gluon (gauge boson) mass scale also implies the existence ofExpand
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Phenomenological tests for the freezing of the QCD running coupling constant
We discuss phenomenological tests for the frozen infrared behavior of the running coupling constant and gluon propagators found in some solutions of Schwinger–Dyson equations of the gluonic sector ofExpand
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Aspects of a dynamical gluon mass approach to elastic hadron scattering at LHC
Abstract We discuss how the main features of the recent LHC data on elastic scattering can be described by a QCD-inspired formalism with a dynamical infrared mass scale. For this purpose newExpand
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Fermion masses and the extended technicolor scale
We show how the use of the so called irregular solution for the fermionic self-energy, enables to raise the extended technicolor mass scale, avoiding the problems of flavor changing neutral currentsExpand
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Twin Higgs-boson production☆
Abstract We investigate the production of a standard Higgs boson pair in proton-proton collisions at the SSC energy. This process alloys us to study the trilinear Higgs coupling.
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We compute the one-loop oblique corrections in a typical model with neutrino masses due to the seesaw mechanism. We verify that a Dirac neutrino mass up to 178 GeV is still allowed by theExpand
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Technicolor and the asymptotic behavior of dynamically generated masses
We propose a technicolor model where, as a consequence of a hard asymptotic behavior for dynamically generated masses, effects of flavor changing neutral currents are highly suppressed andExpand
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