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Sound production by males of a coral reef fish (Pomacentrus partitus): its significance to females
Abstract Field evidence has demonstrated that free-ranging females of the bicolor damselfish, Pomacentrus partitus Poey, use the courtship sounds of conspecific males to locate male nest sites duringExpand
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The sounds of bicolor damselfish (Pomacentrus partitus) : predictors of body size and a spectral basis for individual recognition and assessment
Evidence is provided that the ‘‘chirp,’’ a sound commonly produced by males of the bicolor damselfish (family: Pomacentridae) possesses an anatomical constraint: The peak frequency within its powerExpand
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The Acoustical Biology of Elasmobranchs
  • A. A. Myrberg
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  • Environmental Biology of Fishes
  • 1 February 2001
A report on the auditory capabilities and their associated functions of elasmobranch fishes along with a brief review of the physics of underwater sound as it relates to hearing by fishes isExpand
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CHAPTER 6 – The Sensory World of Coral Reef Fishes
This chapter focuses on the various sensory mechanisms of coral reef fishes. The clear waters around coral reefs provide a well-lit environment and illumination at dawn, dusk, and moonlit nights.Expand
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Hearing in damselfishes: An analysis of signal detection among closely related species
Summary1.Audiograms were established for six closely related damselfishes of the cosmopolitan genus,Eupomacentrus, from the waters of southern Florida:E. diencaeus, E. dorsopunicans, E. leucostictus,Expand
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Agonistic Behavior and Acoustic Communication
Sounds are uttered in agonistic contexts by representatives of 30+ families of fishes but this number mainly reflects the scientific expenditure and less so the actual distribution of soundproducingExpand
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The role of learning in shark behaviour
The role of learning in behaviour is well known for many animal taxa, including teleost fishes, insects, birds and mammals. However, its importance to sharks in everyday behavioural processes hasExpand
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Sound Communication and Interception in Fishes
A most intriguing aspect of social behavior is that eventually the topic of communication must be addressed. Expand
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The behavior of the bonnethead shark, Sphyrna tiburo
Behavioral activities of a colony of 10 bonnethead sharks, Sphyrna t. tiburo, held under semi-natural conditions, were examined over a period of six months. All sharks had attained, or wereExpand
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Acoustically mediated individual recognition by a coral reef fish (Pomacentrus partitus)
Abstract Acoustically mediated individual recognition has been demonstrated in the field by males of the bicolor damselfish Pomacentrus partitus Poey. Playbacks of non-resident sounds from a givenExpand
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