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Homological and Cohomological Invariants of Electric Circuits
An attempt was made to substantiate strictly the tensor point of view on the electric circuit that was first introduced in the classical works of G. Kron. Geometrical structure of the circuit wasExpand
Spinor Model of Generalized Three-dimensional Rotations
Equations of the set of all possible rotations of the three-dimensional space (with both zero and nonzero centers) which translate the given initial point to the final one were obtained using theExpand
[The structure of extrusive organelles in alveolate and other heterotrophic flagellates].
The comparison of the data obtained confirms the hypothesis about the correlation of taxonomic position of flagellates and the structure of their extrusomes that allows in some cases using these features as phylogenetic markers. Expand
The cell structure of the reticulopodial amoeba Filoreta marina Bass et Cavalier-Smith (Cercozoa)
The cell structure of a reticulopodial amoeba, Filoreta marina Bass et Cavalier-Smith, is described and a similarity of this amoepa to other filose and reticULopodials amoEBas is discussed. Expand
[Hemostatic provision of surgical treatment of juvenile angiofibromas of the skull base in children].
Neither lethal outcomes nor complications occurred in children during removal of angiofibromas of the base of the skull during three years of operation. Expand
Cell Structure of Predatory Flagellate Metromonas grandis Larsen et Patterson (Cercozoa)
The ultrathin structure of carnivorous flagellate Metromonas grandis Larsen et Patterson has been investigated. The predator captures the whole cell of the prey (bodonids or chrysomonads). CytostomeExpand
[Use of x-ray endovascular occlusion in combined treatment of juvenile angiofibroma of the skull base in children].
The nasomaxillary approach was used in most cases preceded by diagnostic carotid angiography in the frontal and lateral views and the latter was found beneficial when performed prior to surgical intervention for juvenile angiofibroma of the base of the skull. Expand