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Diagnostics of Gymnocanthus pistilliger (Pallas, 1814) and G. galeatus Bean, 1881 (Scorpaeniformes: Cottidae) in their Cohabitation Areas
Sex-independent characters for identification of Gymnocanthus pistilliger and G. galeatus in their cohabitation areas were revealed: the presence, position, and arrangement of rough bony plates on
Eurasian Migration: Mechanisms and Principles of the Global Migratiosphere
The article focuses on Eurasian migration processes, seen in the context of three migration models, as well as their impact on demographic and sociocultural dynamics. The actual problematization of
Seasonal Distribution of Threaded Sculpin Gymnocanthus pistilliger (Cottidae) in Russian Waters of the Sea of Japan
In Russian waters of the Sea of Japan, the threaded sculpin Gymnocanthus pistilliger occurs at depths of 5 to 217 m and water temperature in the near bottom layer from –1.4 to +18.7°С in the