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On the basis of the highly branched ovomucoid-type undecasaccharide that had been shown previously to be an endogenous ligand for CD69 leukocyte receptor, a systematic investigation of smaller(More)
Fatty acyl analogues of muramyldipeptide (MDP) (abbreviated N-L18 norAbuGMDP, N-B30 norAbuGMDP, norAbuMDP-Lys(L18), norAbuMDP-Lys(B30), norAbuGMDP-Lys(L18), norAbuGMDP-Lys(B30), B30 norAbuMDP, L18(More)
Tetrasaccharide, a Mimetic of the Endogenous Ligand for CD69, Activates CD69 Killer Lymphocytes upon Dimerization via a Hydrophilic Flexible Linker Anna Kovalova,́ Miroslav Ledvina, David S ̌aman,(More)