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Carboxyl-containing starch and hydrolyzed starch derivatives as size base materials for cotton textiles
The changes in the molecular structure of maize starch and hydrolyzed starches derived by introducing carboxyl-containing groups via carboxymethylation and vinyl graft polymerization, and the effectExpand
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Preparation of poly (DMAEM)-cross linked pregelled starch graft copolymer and its application in waste water treatments
Propelled starch(PG) was first cross linked with epichlorohydrin to obtain insoluble cross-linked pregelled starch(CPS). The latter was graft co polymerized with different amounts of Methacrylic acidExpand
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Grafting onto carbohydrate polymer using novel potassium persulfate/tetramethylethylene diamine redox system for initiating grafting
Starch as one of the most abundant, renewable, low-cost, and biodegradable carbohydrate polymers worldwide suffers from some drawbacks: The most important one is that it lacks properties of syntheticExpand
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Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Smart Flocculant Based on Poly(MAam)‐Pregelled Starch Graft Copolymers and Their Degraded Products
Poly(methacrylamide)-pregelled starch graft copolymers derived from native pregelled starch (substrate I) and hydrolyzed pregelled starches having different molecular weights were prepared andExpand
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Preparation of poly (MAA)‐crosslinked pregelled starch graft copolymer and its application in waste water treatments
Propelled starch (PG) was first crosslinked with epichlorohydrin to obtain insoluble crosslinked pregelled starch (CPS). The latter was graft copolymerized with different amounts of Methacrylic acidExpand
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Graft polymerization of different monomers onto carbamated starches derived from native and hydrolyzed starches
Rice starch was hydrolyzed with hydrochloric acid so that starches would be obtained with different molecular sizes. The derived hydrolyzed starches were carbamated at various reaction times and wereExpand
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Removal of basic dyes from aqueous medium using novel poly(MAA)‐cross linked pregelled starch graft copolymer
Wastewater from textile industries may contain a variety of dyes that have to be removed before their discharge into waterways. For this purpose, pregelled starch (PG) as one of the most abundantExpand
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Harnessing of novel tailored modified pregelled starch‐derived products in sizing of cotton textiles
Background: Several researches and developmentalwork effortsweremade in this manuscript to synthesize what is called tailored polymeric materials with new characteristics based on pregelled starchExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of (poly (N-vinyl formamide)—pregelled starch—graft copolymer
Bromate / cyclohexanone redox system was investigated as a novel initiator for graft copolymerization of N-vinyl formamide onto pregelled starch. A number of variables in the grafting reaction wereExpand
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Towards Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Smart Material Based on Chitosan Using Mn-IV Itaconic Acid as a Novel Redox Pair
The precipitation technique of Mn-IV/itaconic acid redox pair was chosen for grafting meth acrylic acid onto chitosan. This was done to maximize the graft yield and minimize the homopolymer formationExpand
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