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Biochemical Composition and Cariogenicity of Dental Plaque Formed in the Presence of Sucrose or Glucose and Fructose
The composition of dental plaque formed in the presence of sucrose or glucose and fructose and its relation to cariogenicity was evaluated. Twelve adult volunteers took part in this crossover studyExpand
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Effect of Starch and Sucrose on Dental Biofilm Formation and on Root Dentine Demineralization
The cariogenicity of starch alone or in combination with sucrose is controversial and the effect on dentine demineralization and on the dental biofilm formed has not been explored under controlledExpand
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Influence of acrylic resin polymerization methods and saliva on the adherence of four Candida species.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM There is limited information on the role of polymerization methods and saliva on the adherence of pathogenic Candida species, with the exception of the adherence of CandidaExpand
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Effect of starch on the cariogenic potential of sucrose.
Since in vitro and animal studies suggest that the combination of starch with sucrose may be more cariogenic than sucrose alone, the study assessed in situ the effects of this association applied inExpand
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Effect of Sucrose Containing Iron (II) on Dental Biofilm and Enamel Demineralization in situ
Since the effect of iron (Fe) on the cariogenicity of sucrose in humans is unexplored, this study assessed in situ the effect of Fe co-crystallized with sucrose (Fe-sucrose) topically applied inExpand
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Effect of Sucrose Concentration on Dental Biofilm Formed in situ and on Enamel Demineralization
The relationship between sucrose concentration and cariogenic potential was studied in situ. Adult volunteers wore intraoral palatal appliances containing human dental enamel blocks, which wereExpand
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Ca, Pi, and F in the Fluid of Biofilm Formed under Sucrose
Calcium (Ca), inorganic phosphorus (Pi), and fluoride (F) concentrations are low in the whole plaque biofilm formed under exposure to sucrose. It was hypothesized that this would be reflected in theExpand
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Effect of a denture cleanser on weight, surface roughness, and tensile bond strength of two resilient denture liners.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Denture cleansers used in clinical practice can damage resilient denture lining materials. PURPOSE This study evaluated the effects of a denture cleanser on weight change,Expand
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In situ relationship between sucrose exposure and the composition of dental plaque.
The aim of this study was to analyze the composition of dental plaque according to sucrose exposure. Twelve adult volunteers took part in this crossover study done in four phases of 28 days each. ForExpand
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Effect of Microleakage and Fluoride on Enamel-Dentine Demineralization around Restorations
There is no consensus about an association between microleakage and secondary caries, especially considering the presence of fluoride (F) at the tooth/restoration interface. Thus, a randomized,Expand
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