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Velocities of motion of liquid particles under the floating ice cover in the case of propagation of periodic waves of finite amplitude
By using the velocity potential obtained by the method of multiscale asymptotic expansions to within the quantities of the third order of smallness, we study the dependences of the components of theExpand
Influence of ice compression on components of the velocity of motion of liquid under the ice cover in a traveling periodic flexural gravity wave of finite amplitude
By the method of multiple scales, we obtain (to within the third order of smallness) the asymptotic expansions for the components of the velocity of motion of liquid under a floating ice cover in theExpand
Nonlinear oscillations of a floating elastic plate
The multi-scales method is used to derive third-order equations of gravitational bending oscillations of a thin elastic plate floating on the surface of a homogeneous perfect incompressible fluid ofExpand
Nonlinear Vibrations of a Floating Longitudinally Compressed Elastic Plate in the Interaction of Wave Harmonics of Finite Amplitude
The equations for three nonlinear approximations of flexural-gravity vibrations of a longitudinally compressed elastic plate which take into account the nonlinearity of acceleration of vertical plateExpand
Manifestation of Downward Solar Radiation Flux in the Variability of Sea Ice Concentration and Krill Fishery in the Antarctic
The investigation of the correlation between the sea ice concentration and the downward solar radiation flux was made on the base of NCEP data from 1982 to 2016. The regional distribution of theExpand
Generation of long waves in a basin of variable depth in the process of formation of a region of perturbations of atmospheric pressure
We perform the numerical analysis of the long-wave response of the free surface of a fluid in a basin of variable depth to the formation of an anomaly of the baric field for a finite period of time.Expand
Nonlinear Surface Waves in a Basin with Floating Broken Ice
The method of multiple scales is used to deduce equations for three nonlinear approximations of a wave disturbance in a basin of constant depth covered with broken ice. In deducing these equations,Expand