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Mass transfer by nonlinear waves in a basin with floating broken ice
We study the influence of floating broken ice on the mean nonzero displacements of liquid particles in nonlinear running surface waves. The analysis is performed on the basis of a uniform asymptoticExpand
Velocities of motion of liquid particles under the floating ice cover in the case of propagation of periodic waves of finite amplitude
By using the velocity potential obtained by the method of multiscale asymptotic expansions to within the quantities of the third order of smallness, we study the dependences of the components of theExpand
Finite-amplitude waves in a homogeneous fluid with a floating elastic plate
Equations for three nonlinear approximations of a wave perturbation in a homogeneous ideal incompressible fluid covered by a thin elastic plate are obtained using the method of multiple scales andExpand
Vibrations of a Floating Elastic Plate Upon Nonlinear Interaction of Flexural-Gravity Waves
The method of many scales was used to construct an asymptotic expansion up to thirdorder terms for the velocity potential of a fluid of finite depth and the flexural deformations of a floatingExpand
Response of Influence of Internal and External Factors in the Latitudinal Sea Ice Edge Displacement in the Arctic Basin
Inter-annual climatic response of the sea ice edge latitudinal displacement in the Arctic to variability of the large-scale atmospheric circulation (the Arctic Oscillation and North AtlanticExpand
Phase structure of fluid fluctuations with a floating elastic ice plate under nonlinear interaction of progressive surface waves
Asymptotic expansions up to the third-order terms are constructed based on the multiple scales method for the fluid velocity potential of the finite-depth homogeneous fluid and elevation of theExpand
On a base of developed hydrodynamic models the reflecting capacities of edges, cracks and ice field breaks are studied when the surface waves pass through them. It was investigated the ice flexuralExpand
Propagation of surface waves of finite amplitude in a basin with floating broken ice
A propagation of periodic traveling waves of finite amplitude over the plane bottom in homogeneous fluid covered by floating broken ice is considered. The dependence of the wave profile on the iceExpand