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Chitosan and Sodium Alginate Combinations Are Alternative, Efficient, and Safe Natural Adjuvant Systems for Hepatitis B Vaccine in Mouse Model
Hepatitis B viral (HBV) infections represent major public health problem and are an occupational hazard for healthcare workers. Current alum-adjuvanted HBV vaccine is the most effective measure toExpand
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Inactivation of rabies virus by hydrogen peroxide.
Development of safe and protective vaccines against infectious pathogens remains a challenge. Inactivation of rabies virus is a critical step in the production of vaccines and other researchExpand
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Antiviral activity of Ribavirin nano-particles against measles virus.
Measles virus considers an important cause of child morbidity and mortality in some areas as Africa. Ribavirin's activity as a nucleoside analog can disclose the surprisingly broad spectrum actionExpand
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Immunostimulant Effect of Different Fractions of Nigella sativa L. Seeds against Rabies Vaccine
Interest in new methods of potentiating the immune response against vaccine antigens has increased considerably over the past decade for improving existing vaccines. The present study was designed toExpand
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Preliminary In Vitro Study For Using Aqueous Cinnamon Extract Against Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus
Aqueous cinnamon extract was examined for its effect to inhibit infection by Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus (FMDV) in BHK-21 cells. The cytotoxicity studies revealed that by increasing concentration ofExpand
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Comparative Studies on the Inactivation Effect of Ascorbic Acid and Binary Ethylemaine (BEI) on Rabies Virus
The current used inactivating agent for rabies virus, Binary ethylemaine (BEI) is a very expensive carcinogenic agent, this thing directed the attention to evaluate an alternative natural agent whichExpand