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[Professional health of military servicewomen].
It was marked, that military servicewomen in other equal conditions of health care achieve the required indexes by high personal adaptation potential, neuro-psychoic tolerance, adherence to collective forms of military work, adequate orientation in concrete situation, rapid elaboration of strategy of behavior and socialization. Expand
[The psychophysiological validation of the corrective and rehabilitative problem with servicemen who participated in combat operations].
Almost in 90% of servicemen, working at the extreme conditions and with which psychophysiological correction was carried out, were improved subjective state of health, interpersonal relations in collective, sleep was normalized. Expand
[Functional status of organism in the process of routine military-professional activity in women serving in armed forces].
The functional status of 143 female soldiers the Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are studied in order to predict the success of the military profession (CPA) through the use of aExpand
[Specific features of humoral immunity and nonspecific resistance in pilots].
Analysis shows that there is a relationship between personality features and humoral immunity of pilots: emotional strain increases, emotional stability decreases while immunoglobulins decline. Expand
[Air medical evacuation on modern stage].
The article presents main clinical-physiological aspects of medical air evacuation, peculiarities of organization of delivery of health care aboard aircraft, state of medicalAir evacuation for now-days, and elaborated recommendations upon organization ofMedical air evacuation during war and peaceful time. Expand