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A low cost nephelometric turbidity sensor for continual domestic water quality monitoring system
This paper focuses on the design and development of a low cost nephelometric turbidity sensor for the continuity of domestic monitoring of water quality. The electronic turbidity sensor operatesExpand
Modeling and comparative study of PID Ziegler Nichols (ZN) and Cohen-Coon (CC) tuning method for Multi-tube aluminum sulphate water filter (MTAS)
Floods are a natural phenomenon that frequently occur in Malaysia. Flooding will cause water to become cloudy or turbid. In this situation, the supply of clean drinking water is the most affectedExpand
Design and fabrication of Programmable Logic Controller Kit with multiple output module for teaching and learning purposes
Based on students Lab Practical Assessment record, it is found that there is 39% improvement of knowledge and hands on skill when students use the PLC Kit. Expand
Multiple input/outputs Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) module for educational applications
Multiple input/output Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) module for educational purposes is fabricated because of current PLC Kit that was unable to enhance learners theoretical understanding andExpand
Design and development of infrared turbidity sensor for Aluminium Sulfate coagulant process
This paper presents on the design and development of infrared turbidity sensor for Aluminium Sulfate coagulant process. The electronic turbidity sensor operates based on the scattered light andExpand
Development of Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) Module with Multiple Outputs for Students Psychomotor Skill Enhancement
Newly developed PIC module is embedded with I/O module such as normally open push buttons, 12VDC motor, servomotor, LEDs light, LCD display, and seven-segment display and it is also user friendly. Expand
Strength characteristic of polyurethane with variation of polyol to isocyanate mix ratio : A numerical analysis
Based on numerical analysis, we determine the ideal mix ratio of polyol-isocyanate content that influence the strength characteristic of polyurethane foam subjected to axial loadings. This paperExpand
Review on significant parameters in water quality and the related artificial intelligent applications
This paper presents a review on significant parameters and techniques in water quality assessments used for drinking, domestic purposes and recreational purposes. To ensure water in good qualityExpand
Multiple Outputs Programmable Integrated Circuits (MOPICs) Microcontroller Trainer for Educational Applications
Based on respondent questionnaire, it is show that on average of 92.59% agreed that newly developed MOPICs trainer is user friendly, safe and attractive to be used while 94.64% respondent agreed that there are enhancements in theoretical knowledge aspect and hands-on skill implementation in their learning process. Expand
Development of electro pneumatic trainer embedded with Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) and graphical user interface (GUI) for educational applications
Based on Practical Work Assessment Form evaluated by the lecturers, there is an average marks of 40% and 40% of improvement on teaching and learning (cognitive) and practical's skill respectively when newly developed Electro Pneumatic Trainer were used by students during the learning process. Expand