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Stability of the Non‐IPR Isomers 6140 (D3) and 6275 (D3) of Fullerene C68
The distribution of single, double and delocalized π‐bonds in molecules of non‐IPR isomers 6140 and 6275 of fullerene C68 has been shown for the first time. The reason of instability of both “empty”Expand
Informativeness of the facial asymmetry feature in problems of recognition of operators of ergatic systems
This problem of identifying operators during interaction with a technical system of thermal and visible face imaging is considered. Expand
A starting system of warning the critical conditions for a single-rotor helicopter
We consider the function, the problems being solved and the construction principles for a starting system of warning the critical regimes for a single-rotor helicopter at parking, taxiing andExpand
Quark-Quark Forces in Quantum Chromodynamics
By single-time reduction technique of Bethe-Salpeter formalism for two-fermion systems analytical expressions for the quasipotential of quark-quark interactions in QCD have been obtained in one-gluonExpand
On the Relation between the Slopes of Diffraction Cone in Single Diffraction Dissociation and Elastic Scattering
The fundamental relation between the slopes of diffraction cone in single diffraction dissociation and elastic scattering has been derived.
Kaluza-Klein Picture and Nucleon-Nucleon Dynamics at Low Energies
In this note we present additional arguments in favour of Kaluza and Klein picture of the world. We show that geniusly simple formula provided by Kaluza-Klein approach gives an excellent descriptionExpand
Proton-Proton Total Cross Sections from the Window of Cosmic Ray Experiments ?
The importance of cosmic-ray experimental measurements of proton-proton total cross sections to understand the underlying fundamental dynamics is discussed. It is shown that early discovered globalExpand
Infrared Singularities of Gluon Green's Functions and the Quasipotential of a Two-Quark Interaction in Quantum Chromodynamics
The influence of infrared singularities of gluon Green's functions on the character of two-quark forces in QCD is investigated.