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Effects of herbaceous plant functional groups on the dynamics and structure of an alpine lichen heath: the results of a removal experiment
Alpine lichen heaths are polydominant, low-productive communities where lichens and, at some localities, the dwarf shrub Vaccinium vitis-idaea prevail. To analyse the role of herbaceous dominants inExpand
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The Effect of Vaccinium vitis-idaea on Properties of Mountain-Meadow Soil under Alpine Lichen Heath
Abstract—The study of the effect of mycorrhiza symbiosis on the transformation of carbon and nitrogen compounds in soils is important in view of the necessity to predict variations in the cycles ofExpand
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Dependence of Soil Properties under Alpine Lichen Heath Community on the Soil Water Content and the Presence of Vaccinium vitis-idaea
An increasing participation of dwarf shrubs and shrubs in plant communities of alpine meadows and a tendency to a decrease in summer precipitation in mountain regions determine the relevance ofExpand