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Fauna and Geographical Distribution of Scorpions in Ilam Province, South Western Iran
Background: Scorpions’ stings and their own mortalities place them among the most important health and medical problems. The dreadful features and especially their poisonous stings are considered aExpand
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Cytogenetic and biochemical effects of imazethapyr in wheat (Triticum durum)
Mitotic abnormalities, chromosomal behavior, and protein content in wheat (Triticum durum) due to imazethapyr (IM) treatment were determined. Wheat seeds (variety HI-8663) were exposed to 5 IMExpand
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Prevalence of conceived violence against nurses at educational hospitals of Ilam, Iran, 2012
Abstract Background and objectives Health care staffs, all over the world, usually face harsh behavior. Violence in forms of verbal assault and physical action is experienced especially by hospitalExpand
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Patients’ bill of rights and effective factors of workplace violence against female nurses on duty at Ilam teaching hospitals
Abstract: Background: Workplace violence against female nurses is an increasing problem. In addition, recognizing the rights of patients can reduce such violence against female nurses. Therefore, theExpand
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Typical features of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Ilam province, Iran
Since Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a problematic parasitic infection in the west of Iran, this study was carried out to clarify the epidemiological aspects of Cl. Our database includes all Cl casesExpand
Biochemical and cytogenetic effects of Imazethapyr on Cicer arietinum L
Weeds are a serious obstacle to the production of chickpea. Imazethapyr (IM) herbicide is used to control weeds in most of the pulses, including chickpea. Mitotic abnormalities, chromosomal behavior,Expand
Human myiasis survey in Ilam Province, Southwest of Iran
Akbari M, Rafinejad J, Hanafi-Bojd AA, Aivazi AA, Biglarian A, Sheikhi S, Shavali Z, Akbarzadeh K. 2020. Human myiasis survey in Ilam Province, Southwest of Iran. Nusantara Bioscience 12: 143-147.Expand