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Removal of Metal Ions From Wastewater With Roadside Tree Leaves
This paper reports on research related to the removal of heavy metal ions, such as lead, nickel, and zinc from wastewater by using tree leaves. Twelve different kinds of tree leaves were tested atExpand
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Effect of activation method on Fe FTS catalysts: investigation at the site level using SSITKA
Abstract Proper activation of Fe catalysts is an important step in determining their activity for the Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS). The results of this study reveal for the first time the effectExpand
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Preparation of Attrition-Resistant Spray-Dried Fe Fischer−Tropsch Catalysts Using Precipitated SiO2
Spray-dried Fe Fischer−Tropsch (FT) catalysts can be prepared that have sufficient attrition resistance for use in slurry bubble column reactors without sacrifice of their activities andExpand
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Study of attrition of Fe-based catalyst supported over spent FCC catalysts and their Fischer–Tropsch activity in a fixed bed reactor
Abstract Commercial spent fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts provided by Engelhard and Albemarle were used as supports for Fe-based catalysts with the goal of improving the attrition resistanceExpand
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Extraction of Formic Acid from Sodium Formate
This paper presents the laboratory results of extraction of formic acid from the reaction of sodium formate with carbon dioxide:  HCOONa(w) + CO2(g) + H2O(w) + Am(o) ⇄ NaHCO3(s,w) + HCOOHAm(o). TheExpand
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Kinetic Model of Gas−Liquid−Liquid Decomposition Extraction
The typical reaction of gas−liquid−liquid decomposition extraction process can be expressed as follows:  MA(w) + CO2(g) + H2O(w) + Am(o) = MHCO3(w,s) + AmHA(o), where M stands for metal ion, such a...
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The impact of Academic Enrichment Program at Hampton University
There have been considerable efforts over the past two decades to increase the retention and graduation rates and quality of women and under represented minorities in engineering. One of theExpand
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Simultaneous removal of H{sub 2}S and NH{sub 3} in coal gasification processes. Final report
Nitrogen (N{sub 2}) occurs in coal in the form of tightly bound organic ring compounds, typically at levels of 1 to 2 wt.% on a dry-ash-free basis. During gasification, this fuel-bound nitrogen isExpand
Advanced Hot-Gas Desulfurization Sorbents
The objective of this project is to develop advanced hot-gas desulfurization sorbents for relatively low temperature application that show stable and high sulfidation reactivity at 343 to 538Expand
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Simultaneous removal of H{sub 2}S and NH{sub 3} in coal gasification process. Quarterly progress report, October 1--December 31, 1994
The objective of this study is to develop advanced high-temperature coal gas desulfurization mixed-metal oxide sorbents with stable ammonia decomposition materials at 550--800 C. The specificExpand