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Oceanic diffusion diagrams
Abstract Some empirical relations between diffusion characteristics are investigated by the use of carefully examined data from instantaneous dye-release experiments in the upper mixed layer of theExpand
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Horizontal dispersion of floatable particles in the vicinity of velocity singularities such as convergences
Abstract A singular point in a two-dimensional velocity field is a stationary point of flow. The simplest and most important singularities in oceanography are points of convergence (or divergence),Expand
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Dynamical aspects of animal grouping: swarms, schools, flocks, and herds.
  • A. Ōkubo
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  • Advances in biophysics
  • 1986
Grouping of animals is a natural phenomenon in which a number of animal individuals are involved in movement as forming a group. Examples are insect swarms and fish schools. In this article anExpand
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Spread of invading organisms
D.A. Andow', P.M. Kareiva2, Simon A. Levin3 and Akira Okubo4 'Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108; 2Department of Zoology, University of Washington, Seattle, WAExpand
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Di?usion and ecological problems: mathematical models
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A Theoretical Framework for Data Analysis of Wind Dispersal of Seeds and Pollen
We compared a variety of models for the analysis of data on the wind dispersal of seeds and pollen. Dispersal distances from a source depend upon such factors as settling velocity, height of release,Expand
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Analysis of the self-shading effect on algal vertical distribution in natural waters
Self-shading of light by algae growing in a column of water plays an important role in the dynamics of algal blooms. Thus without self-shading the algal concentration would increase more rapidly,Expand
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Calibrating estimates of phage-induced mortality in marine bacteria: Ultrastructural studies of marine bacteriophage development from one-step growth experiments
The timing of lytic phage development and the relationship between host generation times and latent periods were investigated by electron microscopy of one-step growth experiments in two strains ofExpand
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Reduced mixing in a marine macrophyte canopy
We report the effects of a marine plant canopy on flow in the coastal environment. In addition to reducing the magnitude of the ambient flow, a Zostera marina canopy was observed to undulate underExpand
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Effect of shoreline irregularities on streamwise dispersion in estuaries and other embayments
Abstract Irregularities in the shoreline of an embayment act as a trap for water properties such as an introduced pollutant. The exchange of water between the trap and the main body may lead to anExpand
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