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During gastrointestinal bleeding associated with cirrhosis, the presence of blood within the lumen of the gut may cause or favorise the onset of hepatic coma. Digestive lavage by rapid intragastric infusion of an isotonic solution based upon mannitol may reduce the mortality due to hepatic coma. The value of this method was studied retrospectively by(More)
The authors review the literature on the effects of the nervous system on the kidney in 3 stages: 1) Historical stage when the role of the renal nerve supply was overetimated by Claude Bernard. 2) Intermediate stage between the two wars with a clinical description of uremic encephalits or acute delirium. From the experimental point of view was demonstrated(More)
UNLABELLED We have compared, using non protein RQ method, energy expenditures of diarrheic patients with intraperitoneal or intraluminal suppuration and feed enterally (group II) or intravenously (group III). Five non suppurative diarrheic patients feed enterally were studied as control (group I). Carbohydrate, protein and fat intakes were not significantly(More)
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