A×el Reich

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The members of the Ipl1-aurora like kinase (IARK) subfamily are conserved serine/threonine kinases that play a key role in the control of chromosome segregation, centrosome separation, and cytokinesis from yeast to mammals. We report on the isolation of a new Drosophila member of the family, designated Ipl1-aurora-like kinase (ial) Phylogenetic analysis of(More)
Drosophila STAM is a homolog of mammalian STAM genes, which encode Jak associated signal-transducing adapter molecules. A 20-kilobase stretch of genomic DNA at 32B on chromosome arm 2L, which contains Drosophila STAM, has been sequenced. By comparison to cDNAs isolated and characterized, this region contains four tightly clustered genes: ial, mitochondrial(More)
Thas as a follow-up of a previous paper by the author, where claims reserving m non-hfe insurance as treated in the framework of a marked Polsson claims process A key result on decomposmon of the process as generahzed, and a number of related results are added. Their usefulness is demonstrated by examples and, in pamcular, the connection to the analogous(More)
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