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The use of anthropological qualitative methods to validate and improve health surveillance data is demonstrated through an examination of the process of birth registration in Gaza. Theoretically, the importance of understanding the link between historical events and microlevel decision-making is emphasized both in general terms and specifically in the(More)
Increasingly, it is recognised by health planners and social scientists that self medication with drugs bought over the counter in private pharmacies is extremely widespread. Some anthropologists see this trend as an aspect of the 'commodification of health'. In this study, group interviews with health service users and providers in Gaza revealed many(More)
An outbreak of cholera involving 161 culture-positive cases of biotype El-Tor Serotype Ogawa occurred in the Gaza Strip in the summer and autumn of 1981. The signs and symptoms of the disease were mild to moderate in two thirds of the cases. In many of them the disease was so mild that the patients did not realize they had cholera. Another outstanding(More)
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