A. den Dekker

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A dedicated silicon process, called PASSI/spl trade/, was developed for passive functions in the GHz regime. The process, using high-resistive silicon with a SiO/sub 2/ top layer as a carrier, is fully compatible with common silicon infrastructures. While the passives perform far better than passives integrated in CMOS or BICMOS chips, their performance is(More)
RF MEMS variable capacitors have been realized in an industrialized thin-film process for manufacturing high-quality inductors and capacitors on high-ohmic silicon. The fixed as well as the moveable electrode consists of aluminium, the native aluminium oxide is used as a dielectric. A tuning ratio of 1.35 and a switching ratio up to 29 have been measured.(More)
A new technology for passive integration on silicon is presented. Accurate low density capacitors, high density capacitors, coils, resistors and trough wafer interconnect enable the realization of a highly miniaturized front-end module (FEM) for GSM without SMD's. Partitioning of passives is optimized to achieve minimum size (6times6times1 mm<sup>3</sup>)(More)
The paper presents a highly miniaturized front end module (FEM) for GSM. The module consists of pure silicon BiCMOS RF power amplifier (PA) chip, a BiCMOS die for bias/control functions and a pHEMT switch die, all flipped on a passive integration die, which is mounted on an organic laminate substrate. All passives are integrated. Partitioning of passives is(More)
We present results of a novel punch-through diode structure which uses a thin SiGe emitter to effectively suppress impact-ionization related (BV<sub>ce0</sub>) effects that typically start to dominate the electrical characteristics of conventional punch-through devices at voltages above 2.5..3.0 V, resulting in the occurrence of negative resistances(More)
RF MEMS capacitive switches can be used for band switching and adaptive antenna matching in cell phone Front End Modules. They are extremely linear and, if made in standard silicon technology, can be integrated into other applications in the phone. Many efforts have been put in the intrinsic reliability of the RF MEMS capacitive switches. The main failure(More)
This work presents ultra low-loss coplanar waveguides and Marchand type baluns implemented in an optimized high ohmic silicon substrate technology for RF/microwave applications. The CPW configured baluns operate from 15 to 25 GHz with a minimum insertion loss of 0.8 dB at center frequency.
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