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Mucormycosis is an opportunistic infection caused by molds Mucoraceae of the family Phycomycetes. This invasive FS is found in debilitated hosts, most frequently in patients with hematologic malignancies, burn patients and diabetes mellitus. There are several differents forms: rhino-cerebral, pulmonary or disseminated. We describe a case of invasive fungal(More)
A case of spinal sub-dural hydatidosis was observed in an adult patient in whom no parasites were detected any where in the CNS, or even in the spine. Two large and several small cysts were excised from the L2 region of the spine. A discussion is centred on a comparative study of cases published in the literature, which now number twelve if this present(More)
The hypoglossal nerve or Twelfth-nerve palsy is a rare damage with different causes: tumors or metastases in skull base, cervicals tumors, schwannoma, dissection or aneurysm carotid arteries, stroke, trauma, idiopathic cause, radiation, infections (mononucleosis) or multiple cranial neuropathy. Tumors were responsible for nearly half of the cases in(More)
The advances in endoscopic instruments have eased the approach to the sellar region through the nasal cavity. We carry out an analysis of the surgical results on 20 patients that underwent surgery for sellar tumours through a transeptal-transphenoidal approach in the last 2 years in our hospital. The average was 45.6 years old, and 75% were females. 30% of(More)
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