A. de Vries

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Peripheral immune activation can have profound physiological and behavioral effects including induction of fever and sickness behavior. One mechanism through which immune activation or immunomodulation may affect physiology and behavior is via actions on brainstem neuromodulatory systems, such as serotonergic systems. We have found that peripheral immune(More)
Metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR) agonists induce extensive phosphoinositide (PI) hydrolysis in astrocytes grown in a chemically defined medium with select growth factors. These astrocytes express mGluR5 transcripts, but none of the splice variants of mGluR1, thus permitting the characterization of mGluR5 in a native CNS cell without interference from(More)
Male mating success in a multimale–multifemale group can depend on several variables: body condition, dominance, coalitions, “friendship,” or an exchange of services for mating access. Exchange patterns may also be determined by market effects or social relationships. We studied the mating tactics of males in a captive, multimale–multifemale group of rhesus(More)
1Abstract— By developing demonstrators and performing small-scale user trials, we found various opportunities and pitfalls for deploying Personal Networks (PNs) on a commercial basis. The demonstrators were created using as many as possible legacy devices and proven technologies. They deal with applications in the health sector, home services, tourism, and(More)
Communication is important in social species, and may occur with the use of visual, olfactory or auditory signals. However, visual communication may be hampered in species that are arboreal have elaborate facial coloring and live in small groups. The common marmoset fits these criteria and may have limited visual communication. Nonetheless, some(More)
OBJECTIVE Today, there are many barriers that prevent seamless electronic voice and data communication with remote content and services that the user wants to access at a certain time and place. This is especially the case in hospitals, where the communication needs are very complex and context dependent, and where strict privacy and safety conditions(More)
Males and females have different sexual interests and subsequently may show conflicting sexual strategies. While dominant males try to monopolize females, promiscuity benefits females and subordinate males. One way to escape monopolization by dominant males is to copulate in their absence. We tested this inhibitory effect of males on the sexual behavior of(More)
Visual perspective taking (VPT), an understanding of what others can see, is a prerequisite for theory of mind (ToM). While VPT in apes is proven, its presence in monkeys is much-debated. Several different paradigms have been developed to test its existence, but all face interpretational problems since results can be explained by simpler cognitive(More)
The involvement of bradykinin in virus-induced airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) in guinea pig airways in vivo was determined with the B(2)-receptor antagonist Hoe 140. The efficacy of Hoe 140 treatment was assessed through its effect on the bradykinin-induced (up to 2.5 microgram/100 g B.W. administered intravenously) decrease in blood pressure (BP). Hoe(More)
Sexual competition is highly prevalent within multi-male multi-female primate groups and may lead to copulations in absence of potentially interfering bystanders. Such avoidance of bystanders may result from tactical deception or from simpler mechanisms such as taking advantage of encountered situations without bystanders, operant conditioning or a(More)