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Peripheral immune activation can have profound physiological and behavioral effects including induction of fever and sickness behavior. One mechanism through which immune activation or immunomodulation may affect physiology and behavior is via actions on brainstem neuromodulatory systems, such as serotonergic systems. We have found that peripheral immune(More)
1Abstract— By developing demonstrators and performing small-scale user trials, we found various opportunities and pitfalls for deploying Personal Networks (PNs) on a commercial basis. The demonstrators were created using as many as possible legacy devices and proven technologies. They deal with applications in the health sector, home services, tourism, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Today, there are many barriers that prevent seamless electronic voice and data communication with remote content and services that the user wants to access at a certain time and place. This is especially the case in hospitals, where the communication needs are very complex and context dependent, and where strict privacy and safety conditions(More)
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