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As an important methyltransferase, DNMT1 plays a key role in DNA methylation that is essential for normal spermatogenesis, which suggests that it may be involved in male infertility with spermatogenesis impairment. To explore the relationship between DNMT1 and spermatogenesis impairment, polymorphic distributions of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP)(More)
The H2B family, member W, testis specific (H2BFWT) gene encodes a testis specific histone that plays a crucial role in reorganization and remodeling of chromatin and epigenetic regulation during spermatogenesis, suggesting that the gene may be involved in spermatogenesis impairment. To test the speculation, the allele and haplotype frequencies of two(More)
The gene for DNA methyltransferase 3-like protein (DNMT3L) is essential for normal spermatogenesis and may be involved with spermatogenetic impairment and male infertility. To explore the possible association between the DNMT3L gene and male infertility, this study investigated allele, genotype and haplotype frequencies of three single nucleotide(More)
Male infertility is a complex disease affecting the reproduction of childbearing couples, for which genetic polymorphism of spermatogenesis genes is an important genetic pathogenic factor. Lots of genes closely related with spermatogenesis have been successfully identified through the gene knockout technology. Spermatogenesis impairment related genes(More)
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