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The pigment content of isolated reaction centers of photosystem II was modified using an exchange protocol similar to that used for purple bacterial reaction centers. With this method, which is based on incubation of reaction centers at elevated temperature with an excess of chemically modified pigments, it was possible to incorporate [3-acetyl]-chlorophyll(More)
Iron supplementation reduces the frequency and severity of breath-holding attacks (BHAs), particularly in children with iron deficiency. The issue of iron supplementation is less clear for Westernized children with BHAs who present to an outpatient community clinic and are not iron-deficient. This is the first reported case series of iron-replete children(More)
The photo shows the Isolator which was developed in 1925 by Hugo Gernsback to treat conditions such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. 1 The patient would wear the diving bell-like apparatus. Outside sound was excluded and the eye holes 'focussed' one's attention on the task at hand. The Isolator came with its own oxygen supply to ensure the(More)
Wake-up-word (WUW) spotting for mobile devices has attracted much attention recently. The aim is to detect the occurrence of very few or only one personalized keyword in a continuous potentially noisy audio signal. The application in personal mobile devices is to activate the device or to trigger an alarm in hazardous situations by voice. In this paper, we(More)
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