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As the number of bacterial genomes increases dramatically, the demand for easy to use tools with transparent functionality and comprehensible output for applied comparative genomics grows as well. We present BlAst Diagnostic Gene findEr (BADGE), a tool for the rapid prediction of diagnostic marker genes (DMGs) for the differentiation of bacterial groups(More)
Electro-rotation can be used to determine the dielectric properties of cells, as well as to observe dynamic changes in both dielectric and morphological properties. Suspended biological cells and particles respond to alternating-field polarization by moving, deforming or rotating. While in linearly polarized alternating fields the particles are oriented(More)
For the modeling of erythrocyte rouleaux (linear cell aggregations), we propose an approximation procedure for the dipole moment in short cylinders, which contains the case of ellipsoidal bodies only as a first approximation. The method allows one to introduce corrections that are more representative for these particles. Depending on the number of(More)
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