A. Zamanifekri

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This paper presents a millimeter-wave tunable hybrid-transformer-based duplexer concept with dual-antenna configuration. By using orthogonal sequentially-rotated linearly-polarized antennas and the hybrid-transformer-based duplexer, the transmitter and receiver duplexes the two antennas with orthogonal circular-polarized signals. An on-chip tuning technique(More)
In this study, a method for amplitude and phase constrained focal plane array pattern synthesis based on the intersection approach and Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization is presented. A new formulation for alternation projection, which leads to a efficient and simple algorithm, is given. The basic idea of the method is to utilize Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization(More)
It is shown that metal gratings can be used to improve the cross polarization of circularly-polarized aperture-coupled microstrip antennas. The metal gratings reduce edge diffraction from the finitesize grounded dielectric slab on which the antennas are printed. The edge diffraction is due to surface waves that can propagate in the grounded dielectric slab.(More)
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