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The reaction of sodium nitrite with sodium dithionite was studied in the presence of cobalt(II) tetrasulfophthalocyanine, COII(TSPc)4-, in aqueous alkaline solution. The overall mechanism comprises the reduction of CoII(TSPc)4- by dithionite, followed by the formation of an intermediate complex between COI(TSPc)5- and nitrite, which undergoes two parallel(More)
♣ This work was supported financially by Alakhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco under R&D Grant RPF1/2001 and by CoreSoft SARL. * 0-7803-7952-7/03/$17.00  2003 IEEE. Abstract Barq is a distributed multilingual search engine with focus on the Arabic language. The Barq R&D project has involved, over a period of some two years, work on Arabic language(More)
Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol is one of the most popular routing protocols for Mobile Ad hoc Networks. In OLSR, each node disseminates Topology Control (TC) packets throughout the ad hoc network. Individual nodes use this information to compute routes to all destinations. OLSR uses a Multipoint Relays (MPR) selection algorithm to reduce the(More)
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