A. Z. Rabinovich

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Onboard generation of hydrogen-rich gas can be used in a number of applications to improve environmental quality and reduce petroleum consumption of internal combustion engine vehicles. Plasmatron fuel reformer technology is being developed at MIT as means of practical on-board production of hydrogen-rich gas from a variety of fuels. The device is based on(More)
In recent years, multiple-line acquisition (MLA) has been introduced to increase frame rate in cardiac ultrasound medical imaging. However, this method induces blocklike artifacts in the image. One approach suggested, synthetic transmit beamforming (STB), involves overlapping transmit beams which are then interpolated to remove the MLA blocking artifacts.(More)
I. INTRODUCTION Throughout the world it may be economically possible to cultivate crops that can be harvested for the manufacturing of biofuels that could potentially have a significant impact result in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Use of renewable fuels such as bio-fuels can also reduce the US dependence on foreign energy sources. Plasma(More)
It is well known that hydrogen addition to spark-ignited (SI) engines can reduce exhaust emissions and increase efficiency. Micro plasmatron fuel converters can be used for onboard generation of hydrogen-rich gas by partial oxidation of a wide range of fuels. These plasma boosted microreformers are compact, rugged, and provide rapid response. With hydrogen(More)
Increasing medical ultrasound imaging frame rate is important in several applications such as cardiac diagnostic imaging, where it is desirable to be able to examine the temporal behavior of fast phases in the cardiac cycle. This is particularly true in 3-D imaging, where current frame rate is still much slower than standard 2-D, B-mode imaging. Recently, a(More)
patch size/ stride output size depth #1×1 #3×3 reduce #3×3 double #3×3 reduce double #3×3 Pool +proj convolution* 7×7/2 112×112×64 1 max pool 3×3/2 56×56×64 0 convolution 3×3/1 56×56×192 1 64 192 max pool 3×3/2 28×28×192 0 inception (3a) 28×28×256 3 64 64 64 64 96 avg + 32 inception (3b) 28×28×320 3 64 64 96 64 96 avg + 64 inception (3c) stride 2 28×28×576(More)
This paper describes progress in plasmatron fuel reformers and applications to internal combustion vehicles. Several plasmatron configurations and their performance with a variety of fuels are described. Fuels investigated range from methane and propane to gasoline, diesel and biofuels. Applications described include lean spark ignition operation, NOx trap(More)
DNA films with psi +/- CD spectra have been investigated. X-ray analysis has shown the sign of the psi spectra to be independent of the secondary structure of DNA. The appearance of the psi spectra is attended by the formation of a characteristic polygonal texture of the cholesteric type in the DNA film.
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